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Welcome to Camp Gan Israel!

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About Our Camp

Camp Gan Israel of Lakeview is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world. The CGI experience is about muchmore than a physical break from school or the usual summer/winter routine. It's about strengthening children's bodies and minds, and combining the fun and excitement of summer/winter break and camp with educational experiences that are innovative, entertaining, and engaging.

Camp Culture

Camp Gan Israel is geared toward all Jewish children (ages 3-12 in summer / ages 4-12 in winter), regardless of affiliation or religious observance. A warm and vivacious Jewish atmosphere sets the tone for camp activities, instilling a spirit of positivity and self-confidence in all of our unique campers. Through lively celebrations, Shabbat parties, engaging stories, and creative art projects, Judaism comes alive in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

Activities, Activities, Activities!

The trademark of the Camp Gan Israel experience is tons of diverse activities to keep children interested, active, and engaged. Campers have a blast experiencing all the best of summer and winter break...swimming, sports, arts and crafts, music, and field trips to the most popular and exciting kids' attractions Chicago has to offer. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Interactive Elective Funshops

Our Gan Izzy Elective Funshops take the summer camp experience to an entirely new level. Campers get to choose from a catalog of exciting activities geared toward fostering kids' creative, intellectual and physical talents. Our summer and winter catalogs have included specialized activities in the areas of art, science, sports, music, yoga, baking, drama, magic, and more!

Our Staff

Our exceptional staff is instrumental in Camp Gan Israel's success with children. Our counselors are warm, patient, experienced individuals with a love for children and a passion for nurturing their spirits. They take their positions as role models very seriously, and they understand that care for each individual child's development is at the root of a positive and worthwhile camp experience. The primary goal of our counselors and the trademark of the Camp Gan Israel experience is the palpable boost in a child's sense of self-confidence and pride that will carry through the new school year.

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Chabad of Lakeview ~ ~ 655 W. Irving Park Rd., Ste. 207
A branch of the world's largest Jewish Camping network, Camp Gan Israel International

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