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Current Campers: Info, Policies, & Waivers

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* COVID-19 Mitigation Plan
* What to BRING to Camp Each Day
* What to WEAR to Camp
* Drop-Off/Pick-Up Policy
* Bus Transporation from Lakeview
* Required Camp Waivers
* Camp Contacts
* Anti-Bullying Policy

COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

In accordance with the State of Illinois guidance for Phase 5, we will be following the policies set forth by the CDC and following the guidance of our camp advisory doctors--Dr. Avi Rosenberg, MD, PHD, physician-scientist & practicing renal pathologist of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; and Dr. Dylan Slotar, MD, Infectious Disease physician of Community Hospital, Indiana--to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep our camp family safe.  In the highly unlikely event that there is a COVID case or exposure, we will consult with our medical team and advise about quarantines on a case-by-case basis.  (In the highly unlikely event of a COVID closure, we cannot guarantee refunds.)


  • All staff will be trained and educated on the spread of COVID-19, symptoms, best practices, and enforcing this COVID-19 mitigation plan effectively.


  • If your child is sick or displaying any symptoms of illness (fever, cough, runny nose), do not send them to camp.  If a child seems fine in the morning but is determined at camp to be displaying symptoms or is feeling unwell, we will quarantine the camper at camp and inform you immediately to pick up your child.
  • Campers and staff will be required to always wear a well-fitted mask (that covers the nose and mouth) while indoors and while on the bus.  Please send multiple masks to camp to camp to allow for changing and wash them at home as needed.
  • Activities will be held primarily outdoors, weather-permitting.  Campers should be dressed well for the weather.  (Ventilation will be increased for any indoor activities.) 
  • Group sizes will be limited to 10-15 campers.
  • Social distancing within a group will be promoted, including cohorting (grouping children together to reduce potential exposures).  
  • Frequent handwashing will be encouraged, especially before and after mealtimes and after using the bathroom.
  • Staff will regularly disinfect highly used surfaces.
  • Campers showing possible symptoms of COVID will be isolated with a counselor and parent will be called to pick up the child from camp.


  • If your child is ill or feeling unwell, you must keep them home from camp.  Parents must inform the camp Director immediately of any COVID exposure in your family to avoid spread within the camp.
  • Exposures will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by consulting with our camp doctors who will make recommendations for testing and quarantining.
  • Camp will inform any affected campers/parents and staff of exposures that may affect them, and of any necessary closures or quarantines as the need arises.  

What to BRING to Camp Each Day


  • Lunch that is non-meat and nut-free, labeled with camper's name.  (Camp Gan Izzy is entirely nut-free.)  We will provide healthy snacks during the day.  Lunches that you send must be dairy or Parve (neutral).  Parve foods include vegetables, fruits, fish, and eggs.  Meat products may not be sent to camp.  Please try to send foods that have kosher symbols on them.  Due to varied levels of religious observance as well as allergies and health risks, we ask you to clarify to your children that no food is to be shared between campers.
  • Water bottle, labeled with camper's name.  We will refill at camp throughout the day.
  • Masks, well-fitting to cover nose and mouth.  Please send a few each day in case one gets dirty or misplaced.
  • Tzedakah (a few pennies/coins for charity).  Campers will learn all about this important mitzvah!
  • DO NOT BRING cell phones, handheld games, or other electronics!  They are not permitted at camp, and they will be confiscated (and returned to a parent at the end of the day).  Important camp contacts are listed below in case you need to reach your child during the camp day.


  • A full change of clothing each day.
  • A picture of him/herself on first day of camp (to identify their locker)
  • Optional on first day of camp:  Something to help relax with at naptime (like a blanket) that MAY BE LEFT at camp.

What to WEAR to Camp

  • EVERY Day:  Athletic shoes & sunscreen (apply in morning before camp, we will reapply as needed)
  • TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS (Swim/Water Play Days):  Wear swimsuit under clothes to camp, pack towel and change of underclothes.
  • THURSDAYS (Field Trip Days):  Camp t-shirt received at camp.  

Policy for Dropoff/Pickup @ Camp (5959 N. Sheridan Rd.)

  • Morning dropoff is between 8:50-9:00am.
  • Afternoon pickup is at 3:30pm.
  • IMPORTANT!  POLICY for dropoff/pickup:  Cars dropping off or picking up campers must head North on Sheridan Rd. and make a RIGHT TURN into the Emanuel Congregation parking lot.  You must then turn around and make another RIGHT TURN out of the parking lot.  No left turns will be permitted given our locale on busy Sheridan Rd. near a bus stop.  If you arrive to camp earlier than the above dropoff/pickup times, you must wait on Thorndale Ave. (no waiting/standing on Sheridan).  This policy will keep traffic moving ensure a smooth experience for all!
  • If someone other than the camper's parent or legal guardian will be picking up, you must notify us ahead of time via the camp WhatsApp.

Bus Transportation from Lakeview
For your convenience, bus service from and back to centrally located Chabad East Lakeview--at 615 W. Wellington Ave.--is available for a subsidized rate of $10 per child per day (you must register for a full week at a time). 

Details are as follows (please note that departure and arrival times are subject to adjustment given traffic, any area construction, etc.):

  • Morning Departure: Bus departs 615 W. Wellington Ave. (Chabad East Lakeview) at 8:45am.  Camper drop-off is no earlier than 8:40am.
  • Afternoon Arrival: Bus arrives back at 615 W. Wellington Ave. and camper pick-up is promptly at 3:50pm.
  • Masks are required to be worn on the bus at all times.  

Please CLICK HERE to register for our Lakeview bus service.

Required Camp Waivers
1)  Swim Waiver (required for all campers):  CLICK HERE to download and print the Edgewater Athletic Club's swim waiver.  Please complete one form for your entire family (disregard the "level" and "paid" columns).
2)  CirquesExperience Waiver (required for all campers):  CLICK HERE to download, print & complete a waiver for each child you're sending to camp. 

Please scan or snap pics of your waivers with your phone and upload them below

Please upload your child(ren)'s completed camp waivers/forms here and click "submit" below.

Camp Contacts
Please save the following important camp contact info:
ON-SITE Contact (Rikki Hertz, Assistant Director):  347-278-4994
Camp Director (Chanie Hertz):  773-662-6744 or
Camp Administrator (Amanda Nielson):  773-973-6386 or

Anti-Bullying Policy

Our camp philosophy on bullying is made clear by our mission to provide total physical, emotional, and spiritual safety for all who attend CGI.  Bullying is not tolerated at camp.  We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends and experience joy in their Judaism. Our counselors and leadership address all incidents of bullying seriously, and we train counselors to promote communication so that every camper is comfortable alerting us to any problems, whether they are a victim or a bystander.  We also encourage parents to please alert us immediately if you have any concerns.  Every child has the right to feel safe at camp, and by working together to identify and manage bullying, this right will be enjoyed by all campers.

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782