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SUMMER 2024 Enrolled Campers:  Handbook, Info, Policies, Forms & Waivers

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* Staff
* What to BRING to Camp Each Day
* What to WEAR to Camp
* Required Camp Waivers
* Drop-off & Pick-up
* Early/After-Care
* Camp Calendars
* Personal Property
* Birthdays at Camp
* Weekly Newsletter
* Camp Contacts
* Anti-Bullying Policy 


The individual child's development is the most significant ingredient in a healthy camp experience.  This is why our staff is the real secret to our success, and the beauty of CGI is the one-on-one attention our counselors provide each child.  We recognize that each child is unique in their abilities and interests, and therefore we offer a variety of choices during their camp experience.  This flexibility ensures that each child thrives in the camp environment.  Campers leave camp at the end of the day with the greatest smiles looking forward to the next day's fun activities and surprises!

What to BRING to Camp Each Day


  • LUNCH that is nut-free, labeled with camper's name.  (Camp Gan Izzy is entirely nut-free.)  We will provide healthy snacks during the day.  Dairy or Parve (neutral) lunches are encouraged.  Parve foods include vegetables, fruits, fish, and eggs.  *Lunch tip...SunButter is nut-free!  Please try to send foods that have kosher symbols on them.  Due to varied levels of religious observance as well as allergies and health risks, we ask you to clarify to your children that no food is to be shared between campers.
  • WATER BOTTLE, labeled with camper's name.  We will refill at camp throughout the day.
  • TZEDAKAH (a few pennies/coins for charity).  Campers will learn all about this important mitzvah!
  • DO NOT BRING cell phones, handheld games, or other electronics!  They are not permitted at camp, and they will be confiscated (and returned to a parent at the end of the day).  Important camp contacts are listed below in case you need to reach your child during the camp day.


  • A full change of clothing each day.
  • A picture of him/herself on first day of camp (to identify their locker)
  • A blanket that may be left at camp for nap/quiet time.

What to WEAR to Camp

  • EVERY DAY:  Athletic shoes & sunscreen in summer (apply in morning before camp, we will reapply as needed)
  • Swim/Water Play Days (summer only):  Wear swimsuit under clothes to camp, pack towel and change of underclothes.
  • FIELD TRIP DAYS (summer only):  Wear camp t-shirt (received at camp, included with tuition)!  Additional camp t-shirts may be purchased for $10 per shirt (pending availability).

Required Camp Waivers & Forms - SUMMER

  • SWIM SURVEY - ALL Campers!
    Click here to complete our swimming experience questionnaire to help our coaches best care for and instruct our campers!
  • Additional forms & waivers for Summer 2024 coming soon.

Please scan or snap pics of your waivers with your phone and upload them below

Please upload your child(ren)'s completed camp waivers/forms here and click "submit" below.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Drop-off (between 8:50-9:00pm) & Pick-up (promptly at 3:30pm) are at Door #5 at Nettelhorst.  This is the entrance on the WEST side of the building which you may access from either Melrose St. (a one-way heading West) or Aldine Ave. (a one-way heading East).  Please do not enter the building before 8:50am as our counselors will be busy preparing for an awesome day at camp!  (If you need early-care or after-care, click here to register.)  
  • Campers must be signed in and signed out (by someone authorized) each day.  For morning sign-in, you may bring your child to Door #5; OR a counselor will be outside on Melrose Ave. (the West side of the building) to receive & sign in children between 8:50-9:05am.  For afternoon pick-up/sign-out, please contact us if you need to make arrangements for a counselor to bring your child out to your car.    
  • IMPORTANT Pick-up Policy:  If someone else will pick up your camper (other than a parent or legal guardian), you must notify us ahead of time via the camp WhatsApp broadcast or email to  (Only our Directors can see messages you post.)


Extended care is available for $20 per hour for the first child plus an additional $5 per hour per additional sibling.  Limited spots are available, and you must sign up at least 4 days in advance.  
- Early care is available from 8:00-9:00am
- After care is available from 3:30-5:00pm
CLICK HERE to sign up.

Camp Calendars

Click here to for info on our super-exciting camp schedules!

Personal Property
We recommend that your child not bring expensive items or large amounts of money to camp.  There will be a 'Lost and Found' box in the camp office.  Please let us know of any missing items and we will check the box for you.   Be sure to put your child’s name on everything he or she will be bringing to camp, including clothing and other belongings!

Birthdays at Camp

We love celebrating birthdays at Gan Izzy!  If your child’s birthday falls on a camp day, please notify our camp Directors one week in advance so we may help him/her celebrate!


Our staff works hard to prepare our fun camp newsletter distributed weekly at camp!  Each child feels special when they notice their name in the newsletter.  The kids love reading it, and so will you.  In addition to reading about the fun week your child had, the newsletter is also informative and important to read for the coming week's schedule!

Camp Contacts
Please save the following important camp contact info:
Camp Director (Chanie Hertz):  773-662-6744 or
Camp Administrator (Amanda Nielson):  773-973-6386 or

Anti-Bullying Policy

Our camp philosophy on bullying is made clear by our mission to provide total physical, emotional, and spiritual safety for all who attend CGI.  Bullying is not tolerated at camp.  We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends and experience joy in their Judaism. Our counselors and leadership address all incidents of bullying seriously, and we train counselors to promote communication so that every camper is comfortable alerting us to any problems, whether they are a victim or a bystander.  We also encourage parents to please alert us immediately if you have any concerns.  Every child has the right to feel safe at camp, and by working together to identify and manage bullying, this right will be enjoyed by all campers.

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