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Current Campers: Info, Policies, Waivers & Forms

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*What to BRING to Camp Each Day
*What to WEAR to Camp
*Drop-Off/Pick-Up Location & Policy
*Early/After-Care Enrollment (must be completed by June 14th)
*Required Measles Immunization Form
*Required Field Trip Waivers (1st thru 7th grades only)
*Required Swim Waiver (Mini campers only)
*Submit Camp Forms
*Camp Contacts
*Anti-Bullying Policy

What to BRING to Camp Each Day:
1) Lunch that is non-meat and nut-free, labeled with camper's name.  (Camp Gan Izzy is entirely nut-free.)  We will provide healthy snacks during the day.  Lunches that you send must be dairy or Parve (neutral).  Parve foods include vegetables, fruits, fish, and eggs.  Meat products may not be sent to camp.  Please try to send foods that have kosher symbols on them.  Due to varied levels of religious observance as well as allergies and health risks, we ask you to clarify to your children that no food is to be shared between campers.
2) Water bottle, labeled with camper's name.  We will refill at camp throughout the day.
3) Tzedakah (a few pennies/coins for charity).  Campers will learn all about this important mitzvah!
DO NOT BRING cell phones, handheld games, or other electronics!  They are not permitted at camp.  Important camp contacts are listed below in case you need to reach your child during the camp day.

What to WEAR to Camp:
- EVERY Day:  Athletic shoes & sunscreen (apply in morning before camp, we will reapply as needed)
- On Field Trip Days (Tues & Thurs for 1st grade & up / Thurs only for Mini Gan Izzy):  Camp t-shirt received at camp.  
- On Swim/Water Play Days (Mon, Wed & Fri for all campers):  Wear swimsuit under clothes to camp, pack towel and change of underclothes.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Location & Policy:
- Drop-off is between 8:50-9:00am
at Door #4 on the Melrose Avenue side of Nettelhorst.  (Door #4 is located just west of the school parking lot.  The door is located just a few steps off the sidewalk.)  Please sign your child in each day with the director or counselor greeting you at arrival.
- Pick-up is promptly at 3:30pm at Door #4.  You must sign your child out each day.  If someone other than a camper's parent or guardian will be picking up, we must have advance written notice at least one day prior (email  Also please note that for security and safety purposes, the Nettelhorst building will be locked during the day and no one should enter during camp hours.  If you need to pick up your child early, you must arrange with us ahead of time at least one day prior.
- Early & after-care dropoff and pickup are also at Door #4.  If you register for this service (see below), you will receive a separate email prior to the start of camp including any special instructions and our caregiver's name and phone number.

Early/After-Care Enrollment
- Early-care is available from 8:00-9:00am, and after-care from 3:30-5:00pm for an additional fee of $20 per hour per family.  If utilizing this service, you must enroll for the entire hour before camp and/or a minimum of one hour after camp.  You must enroll by Friday, June 14th.  CLICK HERE to enroll.  

Required Measles Immunization Form
- Given the recent measles outbreak and the unprecedented situation in which children's camps across the country now find ourselves, Camp Gan Israel of Lakeview is requiring record of each camper's MMR vaccination information to be submitted prior to the first day of camp attendance as directed by the Chicago Department of Public Health.
          * Click here for more detailed information on measles and this camp requirement.
          * Click here for the required vaccination information form.  Please upload your form in the "Submit Camp Forms" section below.

Required Field Trip Waivers
The following field trip waivers must be completed for your child to participate in these particular trips (older bunks only):
1) Walder Science Center (for 1st through 7th graders attending camp on July 16th):  Click here to download the waiver.  Please upload the completed waiver in the "Submit Camp Forms" section below.
2) Pump It Up (for 1st through 3rd graders attending camp on July 30th):  Click here for the "Pump It Up" website, scroll all the way down and click on the "WAIVER" link.  Be sure to select the option to check in a child as you're completing the waiver.
3) Windy City Ninjas (for 4th through 7th graders attending camp on July 30th):  Click here to complete the online waiver.
4) Funtopia (for 1st through 7th graders attending camp on August 1st):  Click here to complete the online waiver.

Required Swim Waiver (for Mini Gan Izzy campers only)
- Our Mini Gan Izzy campers (preschool through Kindergarten) will experience fun and innovative instructional swimming with the fabulous staff at the British Swim School. 
          * Please click here for the swim waiver required for participation.  Please upload your form in the "Submit Camp Forms" section below.

Submit Camp Forms:
Please upload your Measles Immunization Record (all campers), Swim Waiver (Mini campers), and Walder Science Center Waiver (campers grades 1st thru 7th attending on July 16th) using the form below:

Please upload your completed camp forms here and click "submit" below.

Camp Contacts:
Please save the following important camp contact info:
Chanie Hertz, Director:  (773) 662-6744 or
Amanda Nielson, Administrator:  (773) 973-6386 or
On-premises-at-all-times cell phone in case of emergency:  (872) 800-5979

Anti-Bullying Policy:
Our camp philosophy on bullying is made clear by our mission to provide total physical, emotional, and spiritual safety for all who attend CGI. Bullying is not tolerated at camp.  We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends and experience joy in their Judaism. Our counselors and leadership address all incidents of bullying seriously, and we train counselors to promote communication so that every camper is comfortable alerting us to any problems, whether they are a victim or a bystander. We also encourage parents to please alert us immediately if you have any concerns. Every child has the right to feel safe at camp, and by working together to identify and manage bullying, this right will be enjoyed by all campers.

Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779